Kristine Newton Sung, Licensed Professional Counselor

Kristine Newton Sung Licensed Professional Counselor Heritage Counseling & Consulting, P.A. Dallas, Texas (214) 363-2345

As someone who was single for thirty-eight years, I longed to be married and earnestly wanted to do dating God’s way.  Despite great intentions, I found that much of the advice I was listening to was actually hindering my dating life and my relationship with God.

Grateful for the lessons that I learned and eager to share those with others I began to speak and write on the topic. Through counseling, disciplining, writing and speaking, I have seen these ideas positively impact the lives of others. Many have gone from not dating at all, to dating regularly and even marriage. I do not believe God intends singleness for most of us. Yet too often in church we are led to believe that we should simply find satisfaction in our circumstances, rather than be encouraged or taught how to change and realize God’s best for our lives.

In addition to this blog, I provide counseling services for clients of all ages, providing individual, couples and family counseling.

Kristine Newton Sung
Licensed Professional Counselor
Kristine Sung Counseling and Consulting, P.A.
Allen, Texas
(214) 785-4558


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